ABE Light 2020

7 March (Saturday), Akademia Finansów i Biznesu VISTULA, Warszawa

About the conference

I am a smaller, younger, thinner and lighter sister of the AgileByExample conference. You are most welcome to half a day of presentations and workshops on a fine Saturday afternoon which will finish with a great afterparty.


Akademia Finansów i Biznesu VISTULA

Stokłosy 3, Warszawa


Time Slot Description
13h45 Start Please, be on time!
Lunch You will have to take care of your own lunch. There are restauriants in the neighbourhood.
~19h30 Afterparty Close by…




  • Ewa Koprowska

    Ewa Koprowska

  • Piotr Radaj

    Piotr Radaj

  • Mateusz Srebrny

    Mateusz Srebrny

  • Łukasz Szóstek

    Łukasz Szóstek

  • Magdalena Walczak

    Magdalena Walczak

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