ABE Light 2021

10 April (Saturday), Internet, Planet Earth


The only registration step is signing up for the conference Slack.

Since the conference is free and registration so easy we encourage you to follow some rules that will make the day better for all of us:

Use your full real name

Since this is the only registration step your Slack ID (hopefully your full name) is the only way to get in touch with you not only by the organizers but also for all other conference participants.

The email address Slack will ask you when signing up will be hidden.

Attach your current photo

This is mainly for other participants to recognize you if you happen to connect on Slack before the event and want to continue in real life.

Creating new Slack channels

Take a look around and see what channels already exist. If you are missing one, you are welcome to create it. Either public or private — it is your space as much as everybody else’s, including the organizers. How about co-ordinating coming to Warsaw from other cities?


Obviously all norms of social behaviours are given. We will not dwell on them since it is a standard and we never had problems with it :)

However, since we are using Slack for communication we have one additional request: please, respect the special channels.


treat the #official-annoucements channel as read-only. We would like to reserve it for announcements from organizers

the #organizers channel is meant as a place to bring stuff to organizers attention; any following discussion should be held elsewhere

…and finally:

Sign-up here